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Sparta or Athens?

Around 400 B.C. ancient Greece had two well known city-states; Sparta and Athens. They were enemies to each other. Each city-state had unique qualities and was different from the other. Sparta and Athens had different values, cultures and ways of living.

Your assignment is to read about both cultures and answer the opinion questions at the bottom of the page. Please feel free to speak your mind in an appropriate manner.


Spartan culture revolved around war. Young boys were sent to a boot camp to start training for war. They learned how to fight and about the tactics of warfare. The boys were put extreme measures, they were sometimes not fed so that they could find resources to feed themselves. Spartan men were expected to be cold, hard, unemotional and used to pain.  Girls were put through the same hard training as the boys. Girls were put through the training so that they could bear strong sons. When men went to war the women were expected to take over male roles in Sparta. The Spartans valued simplicity in their lifestyle. The simple white skirt originated with the Spartans. Property was shared between the people, it was not required to ask to borrow a neighbor's dog or horse, It was an understanding. Discipline was also shared between the people.


Athens was different than Sparta because they were not based around war.  Athens had an unbeatable navy, not many would challenge it. Athens  focused their society around trading. They lived right on the water, so it was easy to trade with other cultures. It was the center of their economy.  Athens was famous for its art like pottery, painting, sculpture, music, poetry and theater as well. Athens took pride in their art. 
Athens were also proud of their set up of a unique government. Athens was Democratic, meaning, anyone could climb to the top, as long a they could speak well. Boys and girls went to school and learned about art and science. Athens' education was centered around rhetoric. Students were taught to think out side the box and to question things.


Using this information, information learned in class, or prior knowledge, which city-state would you like to grow up in? Please explain your answer and tell me what you like or dislike about each. 

Extra Credit!

Draw a picture of the city-state that you would like to grow up in. Focus on your favorite parts. such as family life, government, landscaped, the homes, and anything else that you feel is important. Be creative as possible! and have fun!

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